Domain IP Lookup Tool: A step towards a safer future on the Web

Domain IP lookup is easily one of the most important tools for SEO that any search engine optimist would need. However, many search engine optimists who are just starting up don’t know how to track down a domain IP. That’s where Domain IP Lookup comes in and helps in capturing the IP that you desire. Doesn’t matter what domain it is, the Domain IP Lookup will tool helps you get to the bottom of it, as fast as it can.

Domain IP Lookup Tool

This tool started to take control on the web back in 2004, that’s right 2004. 2004 is a long way past the road and that is exactly when the whole need for looking up IPs started. This was the time when Google and Yahoo were in clashes for the best search engine and believe it or not, Yahoo was winning. I know! sounds unbelievable but it’s true. As true as can be that’s when search engine optimists and web designers started needing a way to track IPs and domains. Regardless of the fact that Google was way less secure back then. You also have to take note of the fact that since Google was less secure, hackers had less utilities and less knowledge as well. There still used to be some hackers that would hack government websites and try to look in their private files that were of great value. As a matter of fact, these hackers were another great reason why a good tool to lookup Domain IP was needed. Some needed to secure the parameters of their website and some needed to keep looking for the hackers that may attack the website. For one way or another, a tool to lookup domain IP was much needed. Even people as Facebook would need it (as it didn’t become a great website just as of yet in 2004) because their service wasn’t targeted to thousands and millions of people that were signing up and even though that was a good thing the servers were going down too often and somewhere they too needed a tool to lookup domain IPs.

Domain IP lookup tool has been of great value since the day it has been introduced. The moment a single company released a proper domain IP lookup tool, many other companies also started tracking the  way the tool was created and soon tons of domain IP lookup tools hit the market that were available for everyone who wanted to use them. Although every good thing has a price, and so did domain IP lookup. At first it started as a service with full-fledged features but also a huge price tag on it. But that made it out of the reach of many web developers and search engine optimists. This made way for the creation of free domain IP lookup tools that were amazing and lacked a few features. Both of these packages are still available and you can avail them.

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