How to Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback [100% Working Tricks]

Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback: Removal of Negative Feedback in fiverr plays very important role to boost your sales. I found many fiverr sellers who have completed their thousands of orders without a single negative feedback. I’m using fiverr since 2014 and till know I’ve got many ideas about fiverr feedback removal. In the start, I didn’t take any tension of negative feedback because I got the good amount from that order but after some time, I noticed that I’m not getting many orders. My gigs impression was going down. In short my account was effected from that feedback. So I used much time to remove feedbacks and now I’m getting good quantity of orders and my gigs are on boom!!!

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Trust me if you follow these tips you can easily Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback from your account and can increase your sales. If you want to remove fiverr negative feedbacks and improve your rating check these tips and tricks.

How to Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback

Tricks: Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback:

  1. Try to use Much Polite Behavior as you can. When buyer gives you negative feedback contact Immediately buyer through inbox and request buyer to remove that feedback. Request customer to reconsider his review. Offer him you will refund your money in that case. If he/she agree for this, take a screenshot and give it to CS (Customer Support). Your feedback will be removed.
  2. Sometimes you delivered right files, but buyer Intentionally gives you negative feedback without any substantial reason. You can contact with CS and provide them with all details. They will remove your negative feedback after checking all that matter & your conversation with the buyer.
  3. Offer your buyer some extra services or bonus so your buyer will Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback.
  4. Buyers are not regular fiverr users. They just came here to order when they need any service. In case If buyer give you negative feedback, and he is not responding or left fiverr. Just copy his username / id and open and Write that username there. For Example, if a username is “trickspassion” write URL like this. You’ll find your buyers profile! You can also find your buyer on Twitter or Skype using same id.
  5. If still you can find your buyer just send message on fiverr and wait for the response. Handle him politely and do it!

Hope these tricks will be helpful for you. Remember, always tell your buyer to don’t give directly negative feedback but use Modification option. So you don’t need to Remove Fiverr Negative Feedback.

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